Free, high-quality shamisen tablature

This is a collection of traditional Tsugaru shamisen pieces, as I have learned them, typeset using LilyPond. You may use, share, and adapt these under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 licence.

Each piece is available as a PDF. The original source is also available in case you wish to make changes; see reuse below.


Version numbers do not necessarily indicate huge changes. They are provided so that you can check whether your copy is up to date.

Adohadari あどはだり Version 4 Source
Akita Ondo 秋田音頭 Version 1 Source
Hanagasa Ondo 花笠音頭 Version 1 Source
Hokkai Bon Uta 北海盆唄 Version 8 Source
Hyakuman Goku Ondo 百万石音頭 Version 5 Source
Kokiriko Bushi こきりこ節 Version 6 Source
Kuroishi Yosare Bushi 黒石よされ節 Version 9 Source
Nebutabayashi ねぶた囃子 Version 4 Source
Ringo Bushi りんご節 Version 11 Source
Sakura Sakura さくらさくら Version 11 Source
Sōran Bushi ソーラン節 Version 3 Source
Tawaratsumi Uta 俵つみ唄 Version 2 Source
Torajosama 虎丈さま Version 7 Source
Tsugaru Aiya Bushi (minor scale) 津軽あいや節(陰旋律) Version 2 Source
Tsugaru Jinku 津軽甚句 Version 8 Source
Tsugaru Jonkara Kyūbushi 津軽じょんから旧節 Version 8 Source
Tsugaru Shiogama Jinku 津軽塩釜甚句 Version 6 Source
Tsugaru Tanto Bushi 津軽たんと節 Version 2 Source
Tsugaru Yosare Bushi 津軽よされ節 Version 4 Source
Yasaburō Bushi 弥三郎節 Version 10 Source

Blank tablature

Use this blank manuscript to notate scores by hand.


In order to generate PDFs from the source files, you will need:

The original sources for the scores and for are available on GitHub; the latter includes explanations of the shamisen-specific notation: